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Je viens d’une famille d’artistes pas conscients de l’être.
Tout dans notre maison était de l’art : mes deux grands-mères, qui savaient à peine écrire leur nom, brodaient de façon merveilleuse….

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"Real beauty
in the audacity to be authentic"

THE ITALIAN ROOM offers exclusive support : one Client at a time for a complete immersion in the project at hand. A constant presence during all the steps for a dedicated, personalized and open to dialogue relationship.

From layout designs to coaching, all The Italian Room proposals are recognized for the simplicity of their execution and detailed reporting.

Finally, know that The Italian Room does not believe in bad taste: it is always about knowing how to harmonize your personality with your requirements. Do not be afraid to express them, we help you to reveal yourself and make your places of life spaces of well-being.

If you share our values, don’t hesitate to make an appointment so that we can talk about your project.


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