Energy is in the air

Requests: to characterize the room in accordance with the client’s profession (energy care), create a welcoming, intimate and at the same time invigorating atmosphere, to transmit a feeling of regenerative energy, to create a storage space and an integrated office space. Constraints: to maintain the wall cupboard with mirrors, to maintain the position of the massage bed.



The actual configuration does not match the personality of the customer, the atmosphere is impersonal, the storage is placed harmoniously but in all free corners, creating movement difficulties. The light is too intense.



To give a new identity to the room by acting on colors and lights and define specific spaces.
The colors of the sea create a soothing and energizing effect at once: the wall facing the mirrors is painted in glitter mocked color. The effect is warm and discreet and a sober brightness envelops the room, the other walls are painted in a sand tone.
On the main wall, bubble-shaped stickers help to define the new identity.
The accessories are chosen in green and turquoise tones.
The storage and office spaces are grouped and organized in a functional way by the wall in front of the French window.
The ceiling lamp is replaced by a large paper floor lamp and a paper chandelier that create a cozy atmosphere during energy treatments. To modulate the natural light, emerald green linen shades create reflections and a soothing atmosphere.