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Je viens d’une famille d’artistes pas conscients de l’être.
Tout dans notre maison était de l’art : mes deux grands-mères, qui savaient à peine écrire leur nom, brodaient de façon merveilleuse….

Découvrir l’histoire de The Italian Room

Maria Cristina Gentile

Interior STYLIST


A story of love, passion and DNA ...

I come from a family of artists unconscious of their gift.

Everything in our home was art: my two grandmothers, who knew hardly how to write their name, embroidered marvelously. They made crocheted bedspreads which the local bourgeoisie boasted to have and that they offered to their branch “of America” to look “better”. At home, our clothes, accessories, furniture, the repairs and the reconversions were creativity and pure skill. My family made many sacrifices, but, as a child, I did not realize the heroism of my parents: everything was unique, beautiful, precious because everything was made with love and talent. Everything was created from nothing and with nothing. The imagination and the sense of beauty were as natural as breathing. When, finally, it was not necessary any more “to make do”, nothing changed, now it was in their DNA.

I took a more tortuous path to finally admit that creativity is a family trade and it also belongs to me.

After my studies, I began a managerial career which lasted 20 years. 20 years of suitcases always ready, hotel rooms and company apartments.

Curiously, I returned to my roots thanks to my profession. What a pleasure to personalize spaces every time I moved! I navigated during two years and even my small shared boat cabin was the theater of design experiences.

I was already aware that I had the ability to transpose in decoration the personality of those who asked me for help. Yet I never dare to dream that my talent could become my work… Until my colleagues, friends and even real estates agencies started to ask me the name of my interior designer.

That is how in 2015, after studies and tests, The Italian Room was born. And since then, it’s still a story of love, passion and… DNA.

My clients testify...