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Je viens d’une famille d’artistes pas conscients de l’être.
Tout dans notre maison était de l’art : mes deux grands-mères, qui savaient à peine écrire leur nom, brodaient de façon merveilleuse….

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Love, passion and... DNA!

After my studies, I began a managerial career which lasted 20 years. 

20 years of suitcases always ready, hotel rooms and company apartments. Curiously, I returned to my roots thanks to my profession.

What a pleasure to personalize spaces every time I moved!.

I naviguated during two years and even my small shared boat cabin was the theater of design experiences.

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The Italian Room is an interior styling agency that bases its creations on the specifics of each client. All decoration projects are designed by attentively listening to your needs and expressed tastes in aesthetic.

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